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Book 2: Narosan 8

February 13, 2015


Narosan Chapter 8 continues!
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Chapter 8: Changes
King Marcus arrives at King Gerhart’s camp to complete the army of the seven five races about to enter Marche and Montfaucon baronages.
The whole army finally enters the Marche baronage and encamp in front of Marche City.
King Gerhart confers with local people to apprise them of the changes to come.
The Imperial Navy bombards the City of Tong-Hi with horrendous consequences.
King Gerhart and all Alymndes witness the final demise of Phillipe de La Marche and Beaumont de Montfaucon while Norbert and Sylvana reveal their true identity.
A new order is promulgated in La Marche and Montfaucon.
Hsu Yia ahs the doom of the Tong-Hi nation pronounced.
Things happening in Thalamus.