Alymndes: Indexes of names of characters, places and others


Adir: Captain of the Seadragon ship from Dunlago
Adnan: Sailor on the Seadragon
Aerdhel: Elf Prince Elect, Consort of Queen Ellana
Alf/Alfred de Vigny: Double secret agent
Allaert (Prince): Elf Prince, brother of Queen Ellana
Amrel: Blue Dragon
Ancient One: Glamrun’s nickname
Anthony Vanenklaar: Brother of Marcus Vanenklaar, King of Dunlago
Apprentice: Young man, Umatar’s apprentice
Argleb: Dunlago Thug employed by Dravan
Arnaud de Betancourt: Doyen of the Tribunal in Beaucastel
Ashraf: Dunlago trader
Atraxa Vanenklaar: Queen of Dunlago, wife of Marcus Vanenklaar
Bertrand d’Estrees: Beaulieu Noble (Knight Bachelor), later Earl of Montreduc
Birghit: Walkyrie, Beaucastel Royal Guards Sergeant, later promoted to Lieutenant
Boy: Orphan boy, adopted by Umatar
Brighteyes Silverblade: (Dwarf) Queen Under The Mountain, King Drumbeat Hammerblow’s wife
Bronzewrists: Dwarf
Charles: Son and heir of Gerhart and Marghrete
Charles d’Estrees: Beaulieu Noble (Earl)
Claudius: Dunlago gardener
Dargelblad: Silver Dragon
Daville: Innkeeper of the Seven Dragons Tavern
Dravan: Owner of the Green Anchor Tavern in Dunlago
Ekan: Black Dragon
Etienne de Vasserel: Beaucastel Noble, Superintendent
Eudes: Guild Craftsman in Montjoie
Firebrand: Female dwarf warrior
Forge Harkan: Dwarf Representative in Beaucastel Embassy
Forge Steelneck: Dwarf engineer
Frenegond: Walkyrie
Gantry: Royal Guard in Beaucastel
Gardan: Thug in Dunlago
Gaspard d’Entrecastaux: Royal guard
Geoffroy D’Arcourt: Beaucastel Royal Guards Captain
Geraldine de Blanchefleur: Amrel’s full assumed name
Gerhart (de Beaucastel): King of Beaulieu
Gilles d’Estrees: Beaulieu noble (Knight Banneret), later Earl of Montjoie
Gladys Vanenklaar: Anthony Vanenklaar’s wife
Glamrun: Father Dragon (red)
Glavina: Daughter and heiress of Gerhart and Marghrete
Gratien de Salles-Lavauguyon: Royal Guard Corporal, later promoted to Lieutenant
Grazel: Kitchen servant at the Blue Mermaid
Gwen: First assumed name of Umatar
(Drumbeat) Hammerblow: (Dwarf) King Under The Mountain
He-Who-Bears-No-Name: Shaman’s name
He-Who-Flies-With-The-Wind: Tribesman
He-Who-Heals: Apprentice’s name given by Tribesmen
He-Who-Knows-All: name adopted by many Shamen
He-Who-Laughs-At-Storms: Tribesman
He-Who-Leads-The-Daughter: Tribesman guarding Glavina, daughter of Gerhart and Marghrete
He-Who-Leads-The-Son: Tribesman guarding Charles, son of Gerhart and Marghrete
He-Who-Runs-Like-A-Deer: Tribesman
He-Who-Sails-Furthest: Fishing village Tribesman chief north west of the Steppes
He-Who-Speaks-Fair: name given to King Gerhart by Tribesmen
He-Who-Speaks-His-Heart: Free Tribes of the Steppes Warrior’s name
He-Who-Stands-Fast: Shaman’s name
He-Who-Stands-Upright: Tribesman’s name, member of the Council of Sages, later leader of the Gold Dragon Squad
He-Who-Talks-To-The-Wind: Shaman’s name
Hsu Yia: Empress of Narosan
(The ) Inquisitor: Name of law enforcer in the South
Hildegard: Walkyrie of the Royal Guards
Ironarms: Dwarf
(Flint) Ironfoot: Nunmir’s assumed name
Jay: Amrel’s assumed name (for short)
Jehan Desmesne: banned Villefranche merchant
Jonas: Ekan’s assumed name
(The) Judge: Highest official in Dunlago Justice Court
Kamran: Captain of the “Black Adder” from Dunlago
Maheut: Walkyrie, Royal Guards of Beaucastel Corporal, later promoted to Sergeant, and leader of the Gold dragon Squad, finally promoted to Lieutenant
Manzanar: Guildmaster in Dunlago
Marcus Vanenklaar: King of Dunlago
Mareeva: Orphan girl adopted by Ekan
Marghrete (de Pontaven): Queen of Beaulieu
Marsalis: real name of Dunlago Judge
Matthieu: Geoffroy d’Arcourt’s page
Mumtaz: Chief Cook at Dunlago Royal Palace
Naeem: Fisherman’s son, later Ekan’s apprentice
Nazrat: Staff at the Blue Mermaid, formerly employed at the Green Anchor
Nepomucene de Beauvoir: King Gerhart’s aide-de-camp (Beaucastel noble)
Nicola: One of Shahzad’s granddaughters
Numnir: Flint Dragon
Petracar: Captain of the “Hope” ship from Dunlago
Petren: Dunlago Constabulary Chief
(Baron) Philippe de la Marche: Baron living in North Beaulieu
Pierre d’Agincourt: Royal Guard in Beaucastel
Qaisar: Cloth merchant in Dunlago
Quartz Bronzeglaive: Dunlago Dwarf
Raisal: Potter in Dunlago
Rasgon: name of Commander from the South
Rigobert d’Estrees: Beaulieu noble (Knight)
Robert de Glacis: Apprentice’s (William Clonderbie) official name in Beaulieu
Rockcleaver: Dwarf’s name
Rockgrinder: Dwarf’s name
Rockhands: Dwarf’s name
Shahzad: Spices and Foods store owner in Dunlago
She-Who-Bows-To-No-Man: name given to Maheut by the Tribesmen
She-Who-Smiles-To-Danger: Woman Tribe Warrior
She-Who-Talks-To-Dragons: Umatar’s assumed name
She-Who-Walks-Alone: Woman Tribe Warrior
Sieghel: Elf’s name, later captain of the Elves Western Army
Simon de Montjoie: Duke of Montjoie, far cousin of Gerhart, King of Beaulieu
Steelfist: Dwarf
Stonefoot: Dwarf
Strongrock: Dwarf
Tagir: Dunlago thug employed by Dravan
They-Who-Come-With-The-Sun: Name given to Umatar’s Tribe
Thibault: Royal Guard
Tristan: Royal Guard
Turgas: Blue Mermaid innkeeper in Dunlago
Umatar: Golden Dragon
Wilfred: Dargelblad’s assumed name
William Clonderbie: Apprentice’s real name
Wise One: Wolf’s nickname
Zamrel: Mother Dragon (white)


Alymndes: North Continent’s name
Andragon: Realm and Capital south of the Fire Mountains
Anse: Beaulieu minor harbour city
Argo: Dunlago minor harbour city
Beaulieu: Realm south east of Alymndes by the Eastern Shores and abutting the Fire Mountains
Beaucastel: Capital of Beaulieu Realm
(The) Blue Mermaid: Inn/Tavern in Dunlago
(The) City In The Forest: Elves’ Realm Capital
City Square: Main square in Beaucastel
Clearing of the Sun: Name of clearing inside the Elf Forest
Dragon Valley: Hidden valley in the middle of the Iron Crags Mountains
Drastan: Realm and Capital south of the Fire Mountains
Dunlago: Unofficial capital of the Land of the Races of the Desert and The Sea
Also used as name of the Land of Races of the Desert and the Sea
Dwarven Crafts: Dwarves’ shop in Dunlago
(The) Eastern Ocean: Sea east of Alymndes
Elf Wood (Elf Forest): Forest (Realm) south of Alymndes inhabited by the Elves
Fishing Village: Northernmost inhabited town on Eastern Ocean shore
Tribe Fishing Village, on Western Sea Shore
(The) Forest of Whispers: the oldest part of the Elf Wood
(The) Green Anchor: Dunlago tavern
(The) House of All Tribes: New name of mesa mountain in the middle of the Steppes. Most sacred site of the Free Tribes of the Steppes
(The) Ice Wastes: Icy desolation at the extreme north of Alymndes
(The) Iron Crags: Mountain chain north of Alymndes
Marche (Baronage): small domain in north Beaulieu
Montfaucon: (Baronage): small domain in north Beaulieu
Montjoie: Dukedom south of Beaulieu abutting the Southern frontiers of Beaucastel.
Also capital name of same Dukedom
Montreduc: One of the main cities in Montjoie Dukedom
Morenin: Harbour city in Thalamus, south of the Fire Mountains
(The) Mountains of Fire: Volcano chain south of Alymndes
(The) Mount Of All Gods: Mesa mountain in the middle of the Steppes. Most sacred site of the Free Tribes of the Steppes, later called House Of All Tribes
Narosan: main island of Narosan Empire
Otago: Dunlago minor harbour city
(The) Pass: Large pass through the Mountains of Fire south of Beaulieu Realm
(The) Reef: Sea rocks archipelago north of the Eastern Ocean
River Blue: Dragon Valley river
(The) Seven Dragons Tavern: Tavern in Beaucastel
(The) South: Unknown land south of the Fire Mountains
(The) Steppes: Large area/land covered with steppes or grasslands in the center and west of Alymndes
(The) Stone Desert: Desert south of the Iron Crags
Thalamus: Realm and capital, south of the Fire Mountains
Trade Fair City: Capital and only city of the Free Tribes of the Steppes
(The) Tipsy Dragon: Tavern in Beaucastel
Tursan: harbour city south of Narosan island
Valmoray: Beaulieu minor harbour city. Also name of a baronage
Villefranche: Southernmost harbour town in Beaulieu Realm
(The) Western Seas: Ocean west of Alymndes
Zor-ta: Harbour city south of Narosan island

(Adopted by nations of Alymndes)

Common numerals on recto, five different designs on verso of coins
-Sovereign: 10 gold weights
-Ducat: 5 gold weights
-Mark: 1 gold weight
-Crown: 20 silver weights
-Half Crown: 10 silver weights
-Duke: 5 silver weights
-Silver: 1 silver weight
-Half: 50 copper weights
-Score: 20 copper weights
-Tenner: 10 copper weights
-Fiver: 5 copper weights 
-Penny: 1 copper weight
-Halfpenny: 1/2 copper weight
-Farthing: 1/4 copper weight

N.B.: 1 gold weight = 50 silver weights
1 silver weight: 100 copper weights
Metal for minting is produced by the Dwarves in bars or ingots of 1,000 weights each exactly.

Weight unit: 1 copper weight, or “cop”
      1,000 “cops” is called a “stone”
1,000,000 “cops” is called a “ton”

Length unit: yard, also called “long step”
1,000 yards is called a “mile”
1 “fathom” is a yard unit length for depths
N.B.: the metric system is used to divide units

Volume unit: 1 pint
1 measure: 1/10 of a pint
1 gallon: 10 pints
1 barrel: 1,000 pints
N.B.: A pint volume is the volume of a regular cube measuring 1/10 of a yard on each side.


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