Alymndes 2: Zamrel’s Children

The sun was still warm at this late hour of the day, even high in the Iron Crags Mountains where Glamrun and his charges had elected to stay, away from the heat of the plains in the summer.
The Iron Crags were located in the far north of the Alymndes Continent and one had to cross miles of forbidding waste land known as the Stone Desert before reaching them. Unless you had means to fly for incredible distances, the travel across was simply inconceivable due to the extreme climate, the arid land and the total lack of water or flora. Moreover, it was battered by terrifying dust storms and menacing tornadoes. But in between the wasteland and the Ice Wastes found at the extreme north of the continent where no living creature ventured, the Iron Crags concealed a long narrow plain along a watercourse called Blue River replete with animals and plants, enough to feed six dragons.
A line of peaks, the North Ridge, was hiding the plain from the Stone Desert all across the continent. The shore on the west was an unending series of enormous cliffs and mountains impossible to climb. On the east, the Reef, a multitude of rocks for the most part hidden under the surf at high tide, discouraged any vessel from venturing north of the deserted shore which spread for hundred of miles south of the Blue River mouth.
To ensure perfect secrecy and security, Glamrun had liberally incanted spells of forgetfulness and disorientation at the feet of the North Ridge. North beyond the Crags lay nothing, save icy cold desolation.
Glamrun’s slumber was unexpectedly interrupted by a cacophony of cries. The five young dragons had come back from one of their forays.
They had recently taken to exploring the whole valley and flying over the mountains, ever curious of their world. Glamrun had long ago decided to let them roam freely since it was the best way to educate them.
He limited himself when answering their unending questions, carefully avoiding topics he did not yet want to explain. Seven years had passed since that fateful day in the cave, and the young dragons had rapidly reached their adult size despite their young age. Dragons grow fast in size but it takes them a long time to acquire wisdom and even longer again to grasp the full extent of their powers. But under the old dragon’s constant care and teaching, they had matured at a much faster rate than they would have if left to their fate as were the dragons of old.
Although Glamrun understood Zamrel’s reasons to choose him as a guardian, as only a dragon could look after other dragons, he had not yet fathomed why she knew so much of him, even considering her kind’s great magical powers. Nor had he comprehended what her purpose had been in laying five eggs apparently at the cost of her life.
Although he knew clarity would occur at some point, deep inside himself Glamrun dreaded the moment.
For all the fuss of the young dragons and the enormous tasks necessitated by their care, the old Wyrm was enjoying his life in this forsaken valley and was in no a hurry to leave his present comfort and relative tranquility.
-”Father! Father!”
That’s another one I shall have to explain, sighed the old dragon.
The young dragons had been away for more than a week. Although Glamrun did not worry about their safety (they were far too big and powerful for any creature in this world to harm them), he wondered why this absence had been for so long and where their curiosity had taken them this time.
-”Father! Listen to us! You will never believe what we found!” he heard them all shout at the same time.
-”Well, I certainly shall not if you do not first calm down, offer me greetings as any well-bred dragon should do, and make yourselves presentable! You reek, you are dirty and you are fouling this place! How many times do I have to repeat myself and explain that manners are the mark of an intelligent and self-respecting dragon!”
Somewhat abashed, the youngsters settled down waiting for more scolding.
Glamrun chuckled to himself, not really angry. He was only preparing himself for the long talk he had dreaded for so long.
“Now go to the pool, wash yourselves and take time to sort out your thoughts. Only then shall I listen to you! And make sure I enjoy it!”
The younger dragons complied without too much grumbling, leaving the old Wyrm to his worries.
A couple of hours later the young dragons, definitely more presentable, joined their Father on his ledge as the sun was finally sinking behind the horizon. Soon only their eyes could be seen in the dark. Although dragons can communicate by telepathy from birth, Glamrun had set the rule to speak aloud whenever possible as part of their training towards more mundane conversations in the future.
“Well, what did you see that was so remarkable?”
The younger dragons all started to speak at once but almost immediately clapped their mouths shut as they noticed the sudden change in color in Glamrun’s eyes.
“Numnir, you talk!” he ordered the flint-colored male dragon, the more sedate of the five.
The young dragon could be counted upon for his stolidity. Glamrun had marked his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and his special interests on anything mathematical, chemical or evolutional. He often referred to him as the “Scientist”.
Strangely enough for the descendants of the highest order of dragons, their gender had been clearly defined all the way back to their birth. Glamrun sensed some of the many purposes of their conception.
“As you know, we left a week ago, eight days to be precise, and decided to venture beyond the River mouth and the shoals called the Reef.”
“You should have told me. At least I would have prepared you for whatever you might have encountered!”
“And probably warned us not to go!” interrupted Dargeblad, the young silver-hued male dragon. Dargeblad was wild, extremely independent and wont to disobey orders, but the old Wyrm encouraged his self-relying spirit and sensed he would become the “Spy” of the group.
Glamrun just ignored the rude sibling.
“Please, go on, Numnir!”
“Well, it took us the best of a day to fly to the Blue River mouth, then over the sea and the Reef and veer back to the mainland. That is when we made our first sightings. We had guessed for some time that the world could not have existed for the sole presence of us dragons and the animals we feed upon!”
“Clever thinking. Oh, I suppose it is for the better that you discovered what lies beyond your relatively small world for yourselves! So, what did you see?”
“As we approached the land, we noticed large numbers of small things floating on the sea.”
“They are called boats and they are steered, I mean guided, by the creatures in them.”
“Right! These creatures are the main reason why we wanted to talk to you and ask questions!
We found more during our trip and discovered these beings come in many kinds and guises!”
-All right! All right!” interrupted the old Wyrm. “I see that I finally have to enlighten you on a subject I have tried hard to keep you away from! Incidentally, did these creatures see you?”
-“No! We flew very high on purpose!”, explained Amrel, the young blue female dragon.
Usually quiet but ever curious, Amrel always seemed busy thinking about something of unfathomable depth or talking to herself. She was abnormally fond of anything remotely beautiful to her own subjective mind. She was constantly pestering Glamrun about the meaning of life, the existence and purpose of plants, animals, night and day, the sun, the stars and the moon, the wind, the tides, the snow and so on. The old Dragon sensed a lot of poetry in her mixed with wantonness that made him think of her as “The Artist”.
“Good. You had better understand the nature of those beings before you ever reveal yourselves in your true guise! Let me tell you about them all. My story shall take some time, so do not interrupt me…”


5 Responses to “Alymndes 2: Zamrel’s Children”

  1. Khylan Says:

    Seems dragonlets and kids are the same thing. Curious little buggers.

  2. dragonlife Says:

    Aren’t they all!

  3. wolfbaby Says:

    I like how you portrayed the children. You are bringing distinct personalites and definetions to them. I am slow reading as I have so much going on as I am slow writting but I will get there !!

  4. dragonlife Says:

    Dear Wolfbaby!
    Thank you so much for the compliments!
    It is a loooonnnnggg story!
    Take your time!

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    Aw, that’s sweet. I like how Glamrun’s letting them discover and develop their own personalities and talents. It’s good for them . . . and him, too.

    Very well written, and I’m bouncing in my seat waiting to read the next chapter. Having said that, onward to chapter 3!

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