Book 2: Narosan


Authored by Robert-Gilles Martineau
Edited by Catherin Park
Copyrighted on January 1st, 2008 by Robert-Gilles Martineau

Chapters and Maps are on the right for reading!

Chapter 1: Hsu Yia
The meeting of Dragons.
All is not well in Narosan.
Hsu Yia’s people discover the existence of another land.
Preparations for a long voyage.
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Chapter 2: The Dragon Ships
Hsu Yia discusses some fine oints on politics with Genaral Qusan.
Arrival of the Grey Legion in Valmoray.
The Ka-Ti pay a visit to Lord Wisan.
Black wyverns.
Hsu Yia arrives in Dunlago. The Dragon of the East revealed to a few.
Ghastly discoveries in Valmoray.
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Chapter 3: Decisions
New trade possibilities.
Narosan discovers Alymndes’ food and drinks.
Bad news from Valmoray. King Gerrhart sails to aggrieved city.
Gardan makes amends.
Umatar’s thoughts. Dragon lovers.
Gerhart hires Capatain Aamir.
Valmoray’s citizens hear their doom.
The Red Faces.
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Chapter 4: Suspicions
Firebrand comes with bad news.
Meeting on the road.
Silk as an armour.
Tong-Hi pirates find their easy prey too much to handle.
Zardor of Marchees realizes time has come to investigate the signs of great change.
Sylvana also has to conduct her own investigations.
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Chapter 5: Treacheries
Return of Empress Hsu Yia with her guests from Alymndes in Narosan.
The curse of the black wyverns.
Sylvana finds more evidence of pending treacheries.
News reach Alfred who takes immediate action.
Ambush in Narosan.
Redemprion of the black wyverns.
Beaulieu Royal couple poisoned and attacked.
Dragons’ covert intervention.
Zardor rescues the Red Faces leader an sails northward.
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Chapter 6: Wanderings
Norbert de Chalon has to postpone his well-earned retirement.
The wrath of two Dragons.
The Barons grow complacent.
Norbert discovers the North of Alymndes and turns foes into servants.
A ship from the South is intercepted. Robert de Glacis’ true identity revealed.
First meeting between the “South” and the “North”.
Norbert reaches Marche and meets Jehan Desmene, the renegade merchant.
The rulers of Alymndes meet Zardor and Saramin and plan for the future.
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Chapter 7: Reckonings
Saramin comes back from his trip beyond the Fire Mountains.
Saramin comes back from his trip beyond the Fire Mountains.
He meets Beatrix, a slave captured five years by slavers in Beaulieu.
The Red Faces are preparing themselves for the coming of their new allies.
They also decide to retire from open fighting to use stealth and deprive their enemies further for their own immediate and future benefit.
Amrel and Umatar will soon leave for Narosan.
Norbert de Chalon finds more reasons to bring Northern Beaulieu to heel once for all!
Norbert and Sylvana meet at last.
Alfred is ordering the gathering of the Alymndes forces to move to the north Baronages.
Norbert and Sylvana have to take action earlier than expected.
Unprecedented war council at the Imperial Palace in Narosan.
Zardor speaks of trade.
King Gerhart arrives in force at the border of Marche with an army composed of all representatives of the races of Alymndes.
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Chapter 8: Changes
King Marcus arrives at King Gerhart’s camp to complete the army of the seven five races about to enter Marche and Montfaucon baronages.
The whole army finally enters the Marche baronage and encamp in front of Marche City.
King Gerhart confers with local people to apprise them of the changes to come.
The Imperial Navy bombards the City of Tong-Hi with horrendous consequences.
King Gerhart and all Alymndes witness the final demise of Phillipe de La Marche and Beaumont de Montfaucon while Norbert and Sylvana reveal their true identity.
A new order is promulgated in La Marche and Montfaucon.
Hsu Yia ahs the doom of the Tong-Hi nation pronounced.
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