Book 2: Narosan 9

July 18, 2019


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Chapter 9: Happenings
Coming of the Dunlago Ships carrying new visitors from Alymndes.


Book 2: Narosan

October 26, 2013


Authored by Robert-Gilles Martineau
Edited by Catherin Park
Copyrighted on January 1st, 2008 by Robert-Gilles Martineau

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Chapter 1: Hsu Yia
The meeting of Dragons.
All is not well in Narosan.
Hsu Yia’s people discover the existence of another land.
Preparations for a long voyage.
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Chapter 2: The Dragon Ships
Hsu Yia discusses some fine oints on politics with Genaral Qusan.
Arrival of the Grey Legion in Valmoray.
The Ka-Ti pay a visit to Lord Wisan.
Black wyverns.
Hsu Yia arrives in Dunlago. The Dragon of the East revealed to a few.
Ghastly discoveries in Valmoray.
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Chapter 3: Decisions
New trade possibilities.
Narosan discovers Alymndes’ food and drinks.
Bad news from Valmoray. King Gerrhart sails to aggrieved city.
Gardan makes amends.
Umatar’s thoughts. Dragon lovers.
Gerhart hires Capatain Aamir.
Valmoray’s citizens hear their doom.
The Red Faces.
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Chapter 4: Suspicions
Firebrand comes with bad news.
Meeting on the road.
Silk as an armour.
Tong-Hi pirates find their easy prey too much to handle.
Zardor of Marchees realizes time has come to investigate the signs of great change.
Sylvana also has to conduct her own investigations.
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Chapter 5: Treacheries
Return of Empress Hsu Yia with her guests from Alymndes in Narosan.
The curse of the black wyverns.
Sylvana finds more evidence of pending treacheries.
News reach Alfred who takes immediate action.
Ambush in Narosan.
Redemprion of the black wyverns.
Beaulieu Royal couple poisoned and attacked.
Dragons’ covert intervention.
Zardor rescues the Red Faces leader an sails northward.
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Chapter 6: Wanderings
Norbert de Chalon has to postpone his well-earned retirement.
The wrath of two Dragons.
The Barons grow complacent.
Norbert discovers the North of Alymndes and turns foes into servants.
A ship from the South is intercepted. Robert de Glacis’ true identity revealed.
First meeting between the “South” and the “North”.
Norbert reaches Marche and meets Jehan Desmene, the renegade merchant.
The rulers of Alymndes meet Zardor and Saramin and plan for the future.
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Chapter 7: Reckonings
Saramin comes back from his venture beyond the Fire Mountains.
He meets Beatrix, a slave captured five years by slavers in Beaulieu.
The Red Faces are preparing themselves for the coming of their new allies.
They also decide to retire from open fighting to use stealth and deprive their enemies further for their own immediate and future benefit.
Amrel and Umatar will soon leave for Narosan.
Norbert de Chalon finds more reasons to bring Northern Beaulieu to heel once for all!
Norbert and Sylvana meet at last.
Alfred is ordering the gathering of the Alymndes forces to move to the north Baronages.
Norbert and Sylvana have to take action earlier than expected.
Unprecedented war council at the Imperial Palace in Narosan.
Zardor speaks of trade.
King Gerhart arrives in force at the border of Marche with an army composed of all representatives of the races of Alymndes.
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Chapter 8: Changes

King Marcus arrives at King Gerhart’s camp to complete the army of the seven five races about to enter Marche and Montfaucon baronages.
The whole army finally enters the Marche baronage and encamp in front of Marche City.
King Gerhart confers with local people to apprise them of the changes to come.
The Imperial Navy bombards the City of Tong-Hi with horrendous consequences.
King Gerhart and all Alymndes witness the final demise of Phillipe de La Marche and Beaumont de Montfaucon while Norbert and Sylvana reveal their true identity.
A new order is promulgated in La Marche and Montfaucon.
Hsu Yia has the doom of the Tong-Hi nation pronounced.
Things happening in Thalamus.
Kotor is the first victim of the White Witch.
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Chapter 9: Happenings
Coming of the Dunlago Ships carrying new visitors from Alymndes.
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Book 1: Alymndes

February 10, 2010


Authored by: Robert-Gilles Martineau
Edited by: Catherin Park
Copyrighted on January 1st, 2006 by Robert-Gilles Martineau

Chapter 1: The Cavern
Glamrun, the old dragon discovers five eggs in a hidden cavern in the mountains north of Alymndes and is ordered to look after them by Zamrel, their Mother Dragon who left a message after her apparent death.
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Chapter 2: Zamrel’s children
Seven year later. Zamrel’s children have grown.
They relate their discoveries in Alymndes to Glamrun. The Old Dragon he cannot postpone the answers to their pressing questions.
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Chapter 3: Alymndes
Glamrun explained the land with its history and its people to the five young dragons: humans, elves and dwarves spread all over the vast land of Alymndes. Zamrel’s voice is heard interrupting his lecture.
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Chapter 4: The Mission
Zamrel’s head appears in the night long enough to order a mission to Glamrun and her five siblings. The five young dragons will have to live on Alymndes in the disguise of their adopted people to try and re-unite all the people of the lands to protect them against a coming peril. They are told not to greatly refrain from using their magic, which Glamrun explains. Zamrel disappears after telling a seventh member will join Glamrun and the five young dragons in Alymndes.
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Chapter 5: Wanderings
Glamrun meets the seventh member under the shape of a big female wolf.
Numnir, the Flint dragon, meets the Dwarves.
Ekan, the Black Dragon meets captain Adir who will take him to Dunlago to meet the Races of the Desert and the Sea.
Umatar, the Golden dragon flies to the Steppes. She meets a young abandoned boy.
Dargelblad, the Silver Dragon meet the Elves.
Amrel, the Blue Dragon enters Beaucastel, capital of Beaulieu Realm and make acquaintance with Captain Geoffroy.
The Wolf teases Glamrun.
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Chapter 6: Numnir
Numnir convinces King Drumbeat Hammerblow to get out from isolation. He has to reveal himself to a precious few to convince them.
Amrel discovers the general poor state of hygiene in Beaucastel.
Numnir gives commerce and trade ideas to the Dwarves.
Ekan is told the existence of slavers.
Numnir solves a crime.
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Chapter 7: Ekan
Glamrun and the Wolf discover a devastated village in the far north of Dunlago.
Ekan discovers a slavers’ ship
Umatar has few words with the abandoned boy.
Ekan and the crew of Adir’s ship crew exterminates a shipload of slavers. Ekan frees a little girl he adopts as his daughter.
Dargelblad meets Queen Elana inside the Elf forest. He is not impressed by her subjects.
Ekan and his daughter, Mareeva arrive in Dunlago. Captain Adir harbors some suspicions.
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Chapter 8: Umatar
Umatar faces the Shamen of the Free tribes of the Steppes and expose their sham. Orders a conclave of all the Tribes.
Ekan meets Master Turgas, owner of the Blue Mermaid Inn in Dunlago where he is hired.
Numnir gives som advice to King Hammerblow.
Amrel realizes she will have to impose some changes in the city of Beaucastel.
Umatar meets and errant healerand takes him as an apprentice.
Glamrun and the Wolf leaves the village when helps comes to proceed south.
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Chapter 9: Dargelblad
Dargelblad has a private talk with Queen Ellana. They talk of possible trade with other races. Dargelblad makes some revelations to her. Warns her of the danger from the South. Ellana has more questions.
Ekan is settling down in Dunlago.
Dargelblad surveys all the Southern part of Alymndes bordering the South along the Mountains of Fire.
Numnir and Hammerblow talk trade and diplomacy.
Boy explains the Tribes’ quirks to Umatar.
Dargelblad has to kill Queen Ellana’s brother Prince Allaert as he was possessed by an evil force. Romance started between dargelblad and Ellana.
Glamrun asks about Sacrach to the Wolf who refuses to answer.
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Chapter 10: Amrel
Amrel barely prevents the outbreak of the Plague in Beaucastel and has to go through a drastic demonstration to convince the inhabitants to change their ways. makes acquaintance with Sergeant Birghit, a Walkyrie. reports to Glamrun. She then proceeds to the Palace where she meets King Gerhart and throws all the “doctors” out. Meets Queen Marghrete and realizes the two have a big problem. Reveals herself to the Royal Couple and orders to mend their ways and marriage.
Amrel asks the help of Numnir and the Dwarves to rebuild Beaucastel.
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Chapter 11: Judgements
Umatar bullies the Free Tribes of the Steppes into needed changes. Travels through the Steppes to makes her orders known. Reveals herself to Boy and Apprentice. Prohibits the Tribes to fight each other and creates a form of government among the fiercely independent tribes.
Master Turgas cooks are murdered. Ekan solves the crime. makes acquaintance with Constable Petren and the Judge of Dunlago. Takes over the care of the kitchen.
Numnir and thirty dwarves arrive in Dunlago.
Ekan proves the guilt of the cooks’ murderers. The Judge is impressed.
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Chapter 12: Meetings
Glamrun and the Wolf arrive in Dunlago and meet Ekan and Mareeva who pets the Old Dragon’s companion. Numnir and the Dwarves arrive to to Ekan’s inn.
Umatar meets Dargelblad on the Western shares of South Alymndes where they fear an attack from the South. Warriors and Elves meet.
The Dwarves invest the Green Anchor Inn formerly owned by the murderers of the cooks of the Blue Mermaid. Ekan meets the thug, Gardan.
Ekan proposes the creation of a Guild in the city of Dunlago.
All the Dragons survey the land south of Alymndes under Dargelblad’s guidance. Conclude that the weakest point is the Pass south of Beaucastel, although both shores and the Elf Forest will have to be watched.
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Chapter 13: Trade and Crafts
Numnir and the Dwarves reach Villefranche en route to Beaucastel. Dwarves demonstrate that they are to be taken lightly. They stop at an inn in the company of Amrel and Captain Geoffroy. Amrel convinces spy Alfred de Vigny to switch allegiance to her and the Realm. Eikan made acquaintance with the fisherman’s son, Naeem. The Blue Mermaid Inn in Dunlago is fast becoming the best in the nation. Alf faces off the Superintendent, his former employer. Ekan discovers a new morsel to cook and discover oliva oil. Ekan convinces Naeem to work as his apprentice at the Blue Mermaid. The Dwarf delegation arrives at Beaucastel Royal Palace. Make great impression. Simon de Montjoie is absent from the reception. Dwarves offer their help to rebuild Beaucastel. Ekan meets the brother and sister in-law of the King of Dunlago, who happen to be in charge of intelligence. Ekan is not impressed.
Umatar has a meeting with the representatives of the Tribes. Frighten them with a demonstration and order them to organize a Council.
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Chapter 14: Diplomacy
Amrel meets the King of Beaucastel and the powers-that-be in Beaulieu to establish a new law to form a new kind of government and create a working force by condemning criminals and thugs to forced labour. The Royal Couple is becoming closer at last.
Ekan intervenes again to stop thugs from doing bad mischief. King Gerhart of Beaulieu convinces the Judge to devise new laws, especially for hard labor.
Ekan advises the Judge on new laws in Dunlago for criminals, including forced labour.
The Dwarves enter the Elf Forest where they convince the Elves they are making a great bargain in making acquaintance with the Dwarves at last.
Dargelbald and Queen Ellana’s love deepens.
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Chapter 15: Joining forces
The Wolf speaks to Mareeva. Ekan experiments with food. Dunlago convicts are sent to help with the building of the Wall at the Pass. Amrel meets Sergeant Maheut, a Walkyrie of the Royal Guards. Dwarves start work on Beaucastel.
Ekan visits the Palace of Marcus vanenklaar, King of Beaulieu where he starts a little revolution. Maeets Mumtaz, the cook in charge of the kitchen in the Palace.
Population moves out of Beaucastel to allow the Dwarves to do their work. Mention made of new ways to raise money. Everybody put to work.
Umatar calls other Dragons for help when freak tornado strikes the Steppes. Barely save most of her people. Meets He-Who-Stands-Upright, warrior chief of the Steepes. King Gerhart sends help to the Steppes led by Sergeant Maheut. maheut meets He-Who-Stands-Upright.
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Chapter 16: Montreduc
Walkyrie Hildegard escapes from massacre at Montreduc by fanatics led by Duke Simon de Montjoie. First mention of “Hammer of Fate”.
Umatar meets King Gerhart and Queen Marghrete to thank them for helping the Free Tribes of the Steppes. Reveals that marghrete is expecting twins. Two warrios become constant guards of the Royal Family of Beaulieu. Hildegard arrives at their camp. Gerhart and Walkyrie leads army to Montreduc with Amrel and Umatar who offered the help of the Free Tribes. Alfred de Vigny tells Etienne de vasserel, the Superintendet, that he knows his true identity. Etienne flees to Montreduc. Not all Gerhart retainers join him in fighting off the fanatics. Meet army of fanatics led by Duke Simon de Montjoie. Caught in an trap. Defend themselves well until Maheut and He-Who-Stands-Upright on one hand and an army led by the d’Estrees Family on the other hand come to their rescue. Simon de Montjoie is killed with all the fanatics who call themselves the Hammer of Fate. The Dragons found that Simon was possessed by an evil entity. The name Sacrach mentioned again.
Maheut and He-Who-Stands-Upright make love.
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Chapter 17: New Order
Beaucastel army discovers ghastly massacres committed in Montreduc. Proceed to Montjoie, former home city of Simon de Montjoie. Take city. Royal Guards and Tribesmen make efficient team. Found about some horrendous crimes committed by the Hammer of fate fanatics, including their own informer, Etienne de vasserel, the former Beaulieu superintendent. King Gerhart punishes local population. Puts the D’Estrees brothers and Alf in charge. Rewards all who helped him. Decides to create an Embassy for all nations of Alymndes in Beaucastel.
Amrel orders Alfred to look after Hildegard who shall work for him. King Gerhart boots all useless nobility out of Beaucastel Palace. Alfred is slowly warming up to hildegard. Amrel, the Blue dragon and Captain Geoffroy d’Arcourt become lovers. Amrel introduces Matthieu, an orpghan, as a page for Geoffroy. Amrel counsels Geoffroy on military matters.
Maheut and He-Who-Stands-Upright are asked by King Gerhart to form a special force.
Enemy boats spotted Western shore of Alymndes.
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Chapter 18: Invasions
Glamrun and the Wolf uncovers a slavers’ hideout northeast of Beaucastel inside a mangrove.
Dargelblad and Umatar eradicates an invasion from the South on the Western shores of Alymndes. Apprentice’s real identity revealed. William Clonderbie, of his real name, actually comes from the from which he has been forced to infiltrate Alymndes.
William introduces a lost tribe to Umatar.
Umatar and William become lovers.
Dargelblad discovers through Ellana an incursion of Southerners into Elf Forest. Invaders rode pegasuses to reach the Elf forest across the Mountains of Fire. Invaders killed. Dargelbld reveals himself completely to Ellana who rides him. Ellana talks about disappeared legendary beasts.
Alfred’s surveying party attacked by remnants of hammer of Fate. Alf and Hildegard slowly become closer.
Dwarven team reaches the Wall to help with its building. Meet Corporal Gratien. Forced labourers work there too.
Glamrun informs Dragons of the presence of Slavers hiding in the mangrove.
The Wolf tells Mareeva she will travel to Beaucastel and meet Matthieu.
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Chapter 19: Affairs of State
Embassies meet to work out a common system of currency and measures.
Geoffroy finds himself sharing his bed with Amrel and Birghit.
Ekan and Mumtaz experiment with food. Slavers ships spotted. Ekan has to reveal himself to the Judge of Dunlago.
William arrives in Beaucastel where he meets Amrel.
Ekan sleeps with Gladys Vanenklaar, but leaves her. Members of the Golden Dragon Squad (special force from Beaulieu/six of them=an original lot) arrives in Dunlago to help with the eradication of the slavers hidden outpost. Demonstrate their abilities. The Judge of Dunlago make significant revelations to King Marcus who realizes he was never in charge until then, but will come out the stronger from his meeting with the Judge. His brother Anthony and Gladys to be sent to Alymndes Embassy. Mareeva meets Golden Dragon Squad members.
Amrel and William become good team.
King Marcus introduced to Golden Dragon Squad. Dunlago Constables and Golden Dragon Squad eradicate slavers’ outpost in northern Beaulieu.
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Chapter 20: Battle at sea
King Marcus visits the Blue Mermaid and convinces Dwarves to help Alymndes and Villefranche (harbour city in southern Beaulieu) in particular. Dwarves organize fortifications of Vilefranche.
King Gerhart annouces pending war to the embassies and explains his reasons.
Dunlago fleet leaves Dunlago to join the coming battle off Villefranche. Golden Dragon Squad board ships.
Some people choose to leave Villefranche for fear of losing their riches.
Umatar holds meeting in Trade Fair City, the only city in the Steppes.
Aslvers’s fleet spotted south off Villefranche.
Ekan reveals himself to Captain Adir.
Long battle in Villefranche and nearby sea against large Southern fleet. Alymndes come out victorious, but many casualties, especially among Golden dragon Squad and Dunlago sailors. Ekan discovers use of necromancy inside Southern ships.
Rewards and sanctions after the victory in Villefrannche.
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Chapter 21: Embassies
Queen Marghrete heavy with twins.
Ekan and Marghrete travel to Beaucastel. Mareeva meets Matthieu.
Golden Dragon Squad and rulers of all Alymndes arrive in Beaucastel, shortly followed by Glamrun and Wolf. The two Jugde meet.
Maheut recruits new soldiers for Golden Dragon Squad. Hires two outlandish characters as personal aides.
Rulers discuss and check new system of common currency and measures.
Ekan meets Gladys in Beaucastel inn. Did not appreciate. Talks to William.
Merchant who deserted Villefranche in time of dire need is expelled from the region. Hildegard reports worrying developments in Northern Beaulieu. Alf and Hildegard become lovers.
Gratien meets Firebrand, female Dwarf at the Wall. Firebrand is a member of a large Dwarven army. Firebrand “likes” the big Corporal.
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Chapter 22: The Pass
Queen Marghrete gives birth to twin heirs.
Captain Geoffroy convinces Amrel to help him have Matthieu recognized as his heir.
Numnir espies an invading force up the Pass.
All Kings and most Queens go to the Pass to participate to the defense of Alymndes.
Barons in Northern Beaulieu resent the rule of their King.
Great battle lasts more than four days. All Races participate. The Southerners attack with fabulous beasts. Great heroics.
Birghit proposes the enrollment of convicts to help the defense of the Wall. Only a few convicts refuse and opt to the life on the other side oth the Wall. Mercilessly massacred. Birghit meets Gardan who fights at her side.
The battle reaches a stalemate.
Sacrach, the evil Dragon reveals itself. Glamrun and the five young Dragons face him. Zamrel wiil finally appear to tilt the balance in favor of the Alymndes Dragons. Sacrach barely escapes from death, but still finds the time to kill Captain Geoffroy.
Firebrand asks Gratien what they will become.
The Dragons erase all traces of the enemy at the Pass.
Birghit makes love with Gardan.
Two weeks after the victory, all Kings, Queens and a few confidants meet. Glamrun and the Wolf join them. Glamrun’s anger. Glamrun orders Kings and Queens about their future and that of Alymndes.
Wolf’s identity revealed.
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Chapter 23: Epilogue
Mareeva and Matthieu make full acquaintance with the seven Dragons
Sacrach is hiding planning his revenge.
Empress Hsu Yia of Narosan needs help.
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